Family owned hockey specialists.

We carry a large line of hockey and grinding accessories for all your store needs!

Commitment to Hockey

We recognize that hockey is more than just a sport — it's a family. That's what our values are centered around, quality products, and a family atmosphere. Our customers are part of the experience from the time they call or email us. Whether you're a pro shop owner, player, goalie, coach, or equipment manager we have you covered.

The story of NASH Sports

Started by Ralph Beavis in 1993, Nash was operating out of his basement doing mostly repairs, glove repalming and manufacturing of goalie leg straps and player palms.


Just Ralph in his basement


As Nash grew, so did our facility — we moved our shop to above our farm on our family property.


Now, after many years of adding products and accessories, we carry one of the largest lineups of custom made hockey accessories manufactured right here in our shop! Canadian made is our focus.

Ralph's early days working in the basement

The story of Ralph and NASH

As many know, Ralph was one of a kind. He was the repair man of the century. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t fix.

Ralph’s personality was large and everyone was always comfortable with him. He never hesitated to take the time to talk to even the smallest pro shop owner - helping them with their repairs. He was humble and humorous - which took him far and well respected.

What we've learned from Ralph

Ralph working with customers

Customers First

Customer service is key. Talk to your customers - they matter!

Ralph showing off new products


Utilize your customers - find out what’s the latest and greatest - and always make them laugh

Ralph working late in the shop


You can repair your own equipment! It’s not hard - and his how-to videos
show that.

Take a look behind the scenes